The goal of the residual stress reference module is the local determination of residual stresses within a sample. Therefore a set of indentation measurements is analyzed. One of these measurements is marked as the reference and all other stress states are compared with this reference stress.

Simply define your sample material structure and load your set of indentation measurements.

Define which measurement should be used as reference and the software will analyze each measurement by calculating the complete stress strain fields.

By comparing the results of each measurement with the reference measurement the software is able to evaluate the biaxial residual stress state in comparison the the reference point.

Connection to Measurement Equipment

The following measurement equipment manufacturers already provide a direct export interface to our software, which convert measurement data directly into our format:

  • Helmut Fischer GmbH
  • ASMEC GmbH – member of Zwick/Roell
  • MicroMaterials Ltd.
  • Anton Paar (formerly CSM Instruments)
  • Fischer-Cripps Laboratories Pty Ltd.

Further manufacturers are still developing and will follow soon

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