The FilmDoctor Viewer free software package was created to allow interested persons to learn to know the possibilities of the FilmDoctor software packages. This package doesn’t contain any calculation code, but can be used to look at the calculated data. Either from the delivered examples or projects saved by your colleagues, team members or project partners.

Existing customers

If you have a FilmDoctor or another siomec software package installed you can use the viewer to share the data within your team or with partners. They can look at the data using the FilmDoctor viewer without any costs. Also no activation code is neded to run the software.

Software download

The current version ( of the free software package can be downloaded here

Example download

Here we provide sets of examples which you can download and add to the FilmDoctor viewer. The examples will be added to the personal projects list and shown after startup of the FilmDoctor viewer package. The selected examples come together with a detailed description to guide you through the process.